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Testimonials From Our Customers

I've been forgetting to email that I loved your ice cream. I made it at the cottage a couple of weeks ago. It's yummy. I could almost eat the whole batch after whipping it, and not even bother to freeze it! ∼ from John

We made and tried your icecream. It was easy to make. We found the vanilla and the chocolate delicious. The strawberry met mixed reactions. A little bit too artificial, not enough strawberry like and sweet were some of the reactions. ∼ from Henry

When Ingrid last came to visit she brought a treat for us to try and it was your ice cream powder – the chocolate flavour – what sold me was the fact that one used whipping cream to make it up – it was an instant favourite amongst our family :) ∼ from Bettina

Received the ice cream packages yesterday. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery. ∼ from Jan

We had met last month at the Picton Arts and Craft Fair, where we had discussed your ice cream mix and ice cream makers. I tried the chocolate ice cream mix, as per instructions using my ice-cream maker, which is a Kitchen Aid. The results were amazing. The flavour was not too chocolaty – actually just right – and the texture was that of hagen daaz ice-cream. What that actually means is that, as per the instructions of the ice cream maker, once you have mixed the ice-cream, you put it in the freezer for about an hour for best results. Once the hour had passed, the ice-cream had a hard consistency – which melted in your mouth. The next day, the ice-cream had the same consistency, and as in hagen daaz, you put it at room temperature (or microwave it for 10 seconds) to soften the ice-cream so that you can serve it from the container. Once in the bowl (very slightly softened), again, melts in your mouth – amazingly creamy. I have not done the ice-cream with lower fat milk, as the results indicated that the resulting ice-cream would form 'crystals' in the ice-cream after freezing the icecream. Thanks again, and I hope to see you at another fair! ∼ from Nadine

My whole staff tried the products. Two absolutely loved it, two felt it was too sweet, I thought the vanilla was incredible, but not so much the chocolate and strawberry, however I have never been those flavours' biggest fan. I am quite partial to Vanilla. I do believe this is a great product though, and it was VERY easy to make. I am very interested to see my customers' thoughts. ∼ from Jeff

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